1. English as a Second Language
    Hello! English is international. It's a common language that can bring people around the world together, whether it's for business or just for fun. Practice your reading, writing, and speaking skills in English with our certified ESL instructors at Reach!
  2. French Language
    Bonjour! One of the two national languages of Canada, French is as important as it is potentially tough to master. That's why Reach offers classes with French native-speakers ready to help you with your reading, writing, speaking, and listening!
  3. Spanish Language
    ¡Hola! Having a little trouble with Spanish grammar? Can't quite get those 'R's rolling like you want to? Our Spanish tutors are here to help master another one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth!
  4. Arabic Langauge
    السلام عليكم - as-salam alaykom! Another of the most widely spoken languages on Earth, Arabic is a fascinating language - but by no means an easy one. Let Reach's skilled instructors help you with reading, writing, speaking and listening in this exciting language!