Curriculum Tutoring

  1. Math Tutors
    Improve your math grades and get through homework faster - our expert Math Tutors are here to help you every step of the way! Learn at your own pace with face-to-face tutoring sessions and assigned worksheets that will have you crunching numbers in no time.
  2. Science Tutors
    Our Science Tutors will help you review for that upcoming science exam, solve those tricky homework problems, and guide you through new concepts and topics. Improve your grades in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics today with our team at Reach!
  3. French Tutors
    Having trouble mastering the French language? Our French Tutors are native-speakers that can help you with grammar, speaking, reading, and writing! We'll guide you step by step to improved ability in one of Canada's national languages. Bonne chance!
  4. Reading Tutors
    Reach's Reading Tutors will help you increase your comprehension and comfort-level with reading! Our teachers are here to help, using proven methods that allow students to unlock their potential and get the most out of their reading.
  5. Writing Tutors
    Good writing is an art and our Writing Tutors are here to turn you into an artist! Discover how to entertain, educate, and captivate audiences with just your words - let our teachers guide you in developing graceful and proper style in writing.